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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What have I been making lately?

Not much, let me tell you. The nice thing about cooking from scratch, though, is that back in that world where I wasn't crazy, I put a lot of "convenience" food up in the freezer and pantry. Now, even though life is out of control, my husband and I can enjoy home cooked, healthy meals in the time is takes to blink an eye.

Soup and sandwiches have been enjoying a resurgence in our household lately. I just never get sick of eating homemade tomato soup! It is so good with a grilled cheese sandwich. I canned mine months ago, but every time I want to relive that fresh tomato goodness, all I have to do is open the pantry!

The other thing I eat a lot of are these muffins. I like the chocolate chip ones best (duh!). I make a batch every couple of weekends and then I have a good, portable breakfast. I store them in the freezer and then grab two out every morning and zap them in the microwave. My favorite part about heating them up in the microwave is that it gets the chocolate chips all gooey again.

Some days I don't feel like a muffin and so I make toast. I don't need to go to the boulangerie! I only need go as far as my freezer. Because most of my bread recipes make multiple loaves, every time I made bread in the last year, I had an extra loaf that I froze. Now I can reap the reward. I love that chewy, holey ciabatta di birra bread!

Then there's the weekends. I like to still throw together one good home cooked breakfast a week, but I've been a little tired lately. I love this pancake mix because when ready to make it you only have to add water and oil. And the taste! These are absolutely the best pancakes ever! The name does not lie; I swear.

I'm kind of sad about these guys, actually, because I finally finished them up. Talk about a quick fix weeknight meal, though! Drop the frozen raviolis into boiling water, throw together a little butter, cream, and cheese (the pasta triumvirate!) and less than ten minutes later, you are eating the perfect meal. But now they are all gone. It was a bittersweet day...

And what better snack is there than the curry cashew? If you store these guys in a canning jar with a sealing lid, they keep well for months. If you keep them in a plastic bag, you might get three days out of them. I just finished the last of these the other day, too. I love the salty, curry, garlicky taste. And a few always help me tide over until my husband can get home for dinner.

Oh... and then there's these guys. I've been trying to get around to making another batch of them for a month now. Actually, I always make a double batch when I make them, but I love fact that for a couple hours of work, I end up with the makings for 8 quick meals for me and my husband. Who doesn't love pizza? And I really like the fact that because we have our own individual pizza round, I don't have to compromise on toppings. I can put whatever I want on it! Including sun dried tomatoes. Yum! Maybe this weekend. Wouldn't that be nice?

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