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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting Our Feet Under Us

Well, our boy finally decided to grace us with his presence one month ago today, and we've been getting our feet under us ever since. People aren't kidding when they say this whole having kids thing is a life adjustment! Especially when you're as old as we are! ;-)

We are blessed though. Very blessed. Not only did we welcome a healthy baby into the world, but we also apparently welcomed a happy one too! While it's not all peaches and cream all the time, overall, we've got it made. He not a big crier and I'm getting decent amounts of sleep. I'm beginning to get back into some of my regular routine. I've even started cooking again... well, I mean like cooking stuff other than the super easy standbys that I can cook with my eyes closed (and already posted three years ago). I'm looking forward to new recipes and new posts! Thanks for your patience while I took some time to figure out this whole motherhood thing. So far, I'm a big fan.


  1. I'm a lurker and have been following silently for some time. Just wanted to say congratulations! He is beautiful. Yes, it is an adjustment-glad you are sleeping though. We were blessed with good sleepers with both of our children too. It makes the adjustment so much easier (or so I hear ;)

  2. Congrats! Definitely the cutest thing you've baked in the oven so far:)


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