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Monday, June 8, 2009

Orange JuJu

There are some really good things about moving around all the time as a military wife. You get to go new places and try new things every couple of years. I really enjoy exploring new places and finding what each location has to offer. The down side is that sometimes the new place is missing something that you really, really like from another place.

For instance, I've only had a Trader Joe's at one of the last four places we have lived. That's a tough gig! The other missing item that I lament is the Orange Julius. Firstly, I am all about smooth, frozen foods. I love ice cream, sorbet, slushies, etc. I seem to always be craving something cold and sweet. I grew up with Orange Julius, but for the last two stops in our life, I have had to do without.

Frustration finally took over and I began trying to make my own version to fill the hole. Only being able to have an Orange Julius when I was home visiting was simply not cutting it. It only took about fifty tries, but I came up with something that completely satisfies my craving.

I have a blender with a lid that fits onto mason jars, so I simply make my smoothies in a pint sized jar. It works great because the jar I use to make it is the jar I use to serve it (which is great because I hate washing that big blender pitcher). Not all blenders will fit a mason jar, but I find it is very useful, so I searched one out. Once I have made the smoothie, I wrap a paper towel around it (it's cold to hang on to!), stick in a straw, and slurp it down! And don't feel guilty about this snack. If you use 1% milk, it is low in fat and a great way to get your calcium!

Orange JuJu
Yield: 1 16 oz serving

1/2 cup crushed ice
1/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp Dreamwhip powder
3/4 tsp meringue powder (such as Wilton's)
1 cup milk (1% works fine)

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until the mixture is smooth and then blend it a little longer. That extra bit of blending will get the Dreamwhip powder to froth up a bit, which adds a nice lightness to the drink.


  1. perfect drink for the summer.. thanx for sharing.. cheers!!

  2. I'm wondering what you mean with the blender and the jar, do you have a picture that explains it?

  3. I have attached a photo of the blender set up at the end of this posting. Again, most blenders these days do not have threads on the screw band that will fit a standard mason jar, but there are a few out there. I find it very handy, not just for this recipe, but any time I want to blend a small amount of stuff. And you can use any size mason jar you want because they all have a standard sized lid. I hope this helps!


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