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Friday, August 21, 2009

Steamed Mixed Veggies

I almost didn't post this. I thought that maybe it was too simple. I mean its only vegetables, butter, and sesame seeds. Well, and some salt and pepper. But they don't really count as ingredients, do they? The problem is, I just couldn't not post it. Look at that picture! The colors! The shapes! It's like happiness on a plate. Every time I look at this picture, I want to eat some more of this dish. When you make it, be sure you make enough for seconds; you're going to want them.

Obviously, you could use any combination of vegetables you want. I chose these because of the color combination and because they just seemed like they'd go together. No, I'm lying. I was cleaning out the refrigerator and this is what was left. I had a bunch of small bits of veggies; nothing was enough to cook on its own, so, by default, I cooked them together. I love serendipity.

Again, I took advantage of those steaming bags I mentioned in my post on Pad See Ew. I have really come to love these things, especially when I am preparing a dish where certain parts have to be pre-cooked. In this case it was the carrots (cut fairly thinly) and broccoli that needed a head start on the steaming. I placed them in the steaming bag and zapped them in the microwave for about two and a half minutes.

In a large skillet, I melted two tablespoons of butter (not oil, I was going for the browned butter thing here). When the butter was nice and bubbly, I added the red bell pepper and sugar snap peas. Don't forget the pull the strings off those peas before you cook them. It's really hard to pick them off at the table without losing some sense of dignity. Add the steamed broccoli and carrots and toss occasionally over medium-high heat until the vegetables are all just tender and have some nice caramelization on them in places. Add salt and pepper to taste and a pinch of sesame seeds. That's it! Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor... oh wait, that may have been too easy to involve any labor! Even better.

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